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Leading Lobbyists

Lobbyists Focused on Your Issues & Objectives

Capitol Resources, LLC is a dedicated team of professionals focused on defining and implementing strategically sound lobbying solutions for clients’ specific short term objectives and long term goals.

Experienced, Ethical, Effective Lobbyists

Capitol Resources lobbyists’ bring many years of varied, diverse career experiences, political affiliations, deep personal convictions, long-standing relationships, and expertise to support clients’ advocacy efforts from the grass-roots and grass-tops levels, to local government, to state legislatures and state government, to successfully navigating the maze of our federal government.

Geographical Leverage

From our beginnings as the top lobbying firm in Mississippi, Capitol Resources today leverages its experience, relationships and successful advocacy across the South and in Washington DC, while continuing to expand our influence throughout the USA.

Unparalleled Access, Advocacy and Action

Direct access to key elected officials and decision makers in our core states, relationship built on trust and mutual respect, sound strategic plan development and implementation, and effective advocacy are the fundamental strengths of our firm’s service offerings.