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Powerful Advocacy

Experienced Lobbyists, Industry Expertise & Broad Exposure

Industry & Organization Lobbying

For over two and a half decades, Capitol Resources has delivered definitive government relations solutions.

We have direct experience driving results for Corporations (foreign and domestic), Industry Trade Groups, Non-Profit Organizations

Government & Agency Lobbyists

Our clients demand conclusive results and we bring to bear a successful track record of advocacy aimed at all levels of government. Capitol Resources delivers and enhances our clients’ messaging by interfacing with key decision makers. We maintain effective relationships at the Federal, State and Local level.

We enhance clients’ government relations efforts by navigating them through the complex maze of the Federal/State/Local Governments.

Trusted Lobbying Results

Whether it is a Non-Profit community imperative or assuring a corporate business objective, the Capitol Resources team assures the paths to success through managing key relationships at all levels of government and delivery of timely focused communications.