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Henry Barbour | Republican Consultant from Mississippi on Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Racking Up Wins In Shadow Of One Bad Speech

The Huffington Post features Henry Barbour’s thoughts on Governor Jindal’s presidential prospect and weighs in on his support of Romney.

But Henry Barbour, a Republican consultant and lobbyist from Mississippi, said he thinks voters are looking more for effectiveness than charisma.

“He doesn’t have the big personality of some politicians,” Barbour said of Jindal. “But I think the American electorate is hungry right now for people who are serious and who will address the huge challenges this country faces with debt, spending, loss of jobs, national security issues.”

Barbour, who is supporting Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy, said he hopes Jindal doesn’t run in 2016 for the simple reason that he hopes Romney will then be running for a second term.

“But I do think he is one of the people who has the right skills, experience and principles that would make an attractive candidate sometime in the future,” Barbour said. “Of course everybody talks about how bright he is, but I find him to be very savvy politically.”

Even Democrats in Louisiana agree with Barbour’s point about the Jindal political effectiveness.