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United States of America – Washington D.C. Resources

President of the United States Barack Obama
Vice President of the United States Joe Biden
United States House of Representatives
United States Senate
United States Secretary of State
United States Department of Education
United States Medicaid
United States Department of Health and Human Services
Commerce Department
Department of Transportation
US Government Accountability Office
Environmental Protection Agency

States Official Sites

State of Mississippi, Official Site
State of Florida, Official Site
State of Alabama, Official Site
State of Louisiana, Official Site
State of Tennessee, Official Site
State of Georgia, Official Site
State of West Virginia, Official Site

State Legislatures

Mississippi Legislature
Florida Legislature
Alabama Legislature
Louisiana Legislature
Tennessee Legislature
Georgia Legislature
West Virginia Legislature

Office of the Governor

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant
Florida Governor Rick Scott
Alabama Governor Dr. Robert J. Bentley
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal
West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves
Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Caroll
Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey
Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne
Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey
Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle

Secretary of State

Mississippi Secretary of State
Florida Secretary of State
Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman
Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler
Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp
West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant

State Departments of Education

Mississippi Department of Education
Florida Department of Education
Alabama Department of Education
Louisiana Department of Education
Tennessee Department of Education
Georgia Department of Education
West Virginia Department of Education

State Departments of Transportation

Mississippi Department of Transportation
Florida Department of Transportation
Alabama Department of Transportation
Louisiana Department of Transportation
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Georgia Department of Transportation
West Virginia Department of Transportation

State Departments of Environmental Quality

Mississippi Department of Enviromental Quality
Florida Department of Enviromental Quality
Alabama Department of Enviromental Quality
Louisiana Department of Enviromental Quality
Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

State Medicaid Administration

Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Florida Division of Medicaid
Alabama Medicaid Agency
Louisiana Medicaid
Tennessee Medicaid
Georgia Medicaid
West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services

State Departments of Health

Mississippi Department of Health
Florida Department of Health
Alabama Department of Health
Louisiana Department of Health
Tennessee Department of Health
Georgia Department of Health
West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources

State Departments of Insurance

Mississippi Department of Insurance
Florida Department of Insurance Regulation
Alabama Department of Insurance
Louisiana Department of Insurance
Tennessee Department of Insurance
Georgia Department of Insurance
West Virginia Department of Insurance

State Departments of Public Safety

Mississippi Department of Public Safety
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Alabama Department of Public Safety
Louisiana Department of Public Safety
Tennessee Department of Public Safety
Georgia Department of Public Safety
West Virginia Department of Military Affairs & Public Safety

State Departments of Revenue

Mississippi Department of Revenue
Florida Department of Revenue
Alabama Department of Revenue
Louisiana Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Georgia Department of Revenue
West Virginia Department of Revenue

Economic Development Authority – State Offices

Mississippi Development Authority
Florida Technology Research and Development Authority
Alabama Development Office
Louisiana Recovery Authority
Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development
Georgia Department of Economic Development
West Virginia Economic Development Authority

State Departments of Finance

Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration
Florida Department of Financial Services
Alabama Department of Finance
Louisiana Department of Administration
Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration
Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
West Virginia Department of Administrative Finance

State Departments of Wildlife & Fisheries

Mississippi Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Florida Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Alabama Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Georgia Department of Natural Resources-Wildlife Resources Division
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources

State Emergency Management Agency

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Florida Department of Emergency Response
Alabama Department of Emergency Response
Louisiana Department of Emergency Response
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA)
Georgia Emergency Management Agency
West Virginia DHS & Emergency Management

State Public Broadcasting Systems

Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Florida Public Broadcasting
Alabama Public Broadcasting
Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Tennessee Public Broadcasting
Georgia Public Broadcasting
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

State Departments of Human Resources

Mississippi Department of Human Resources
Florida Department of Human Resources
Alabama Department of Human Resources
Louisiana Department of Human Resources
Tennessee Department of Human Resources
Georgia Department of Human Resources
West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources

State Departments of Marine Resources

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
Florida Department of Marine Resources
Alabama Department of Marine Resources
Louisiana Department of Marine Resources
Georgia Coastal Resources